A Coffee Shop With A Mission: Ending Human Trafficking One Cup Of Coffee At A Time

Palate Coffee Brewery is a coffee shop located in historic downtown Sanford, Florida. Owners & employees are passionate about ending human trafficking one coffee cup at a time. The mission is beautiful because anyone who is passionate about stopping human slavery can afford to help by purchasing a cup of coffee. Palate Coffee Brewery is turning six years old this November & we want to celebrate their success here at Made In Sanford. If you are a local of Sanford, Florida – then you have more than likely heard of Palate Coffee brewery. If you haven’t learned yet, then this is a great time to learn more about one of Sanford’s favorite coffee shop.

If you haven’t experienced Palate Coffee Brewery in Sanford, Florida then check out this coffee shop on second street and park avenue. Palate Coffee Brewery serves not just artisanal coffee but also delicious house-made cinnamon rolls, gigantic & delicious cookies, & locally harvested creamed honey. Above all of that, the owners also run a beautiful mission with a global cause.

First, let’s get to meet the owners of Love Missions & Palate Coffee Brewery. Carl & Tina Kadolph are the owners of Love Missions & Palate Coffee Brewery who have worked together for over 30 years to stop human trafficking. They have surely left their dent in the world & have helped a lot of captive young & older women from human trafficking. Carl is a pastor & carpenter with a lot of experience building homes & designer kitchens & he now focuses his time as a construction & remodeling contractor while also incorporating his free time giving speeches at colleges & lodging seminars. Carl’s wife, Tina Kadolph, is a survivor of human trafficking from a young age but she now focuses her life on the pursuit of eradicating human trafficking with her family & peers. Through the power of Love Missions & funding from Palate Coffee Brewery, Tina Kadolph was able to start & maintain a hidden house for survivors of human trafficking & hold speaking seminars about the dangers of Human Trafficking.

Chas & Katrina Lemmons are also owners of Palate Coffee Brewery. Chas is a decorated Sanford firefighter & Palate Coffee Brewery’s roaster. You heard that right Palate Coffee Brewery roasts their own coffee beans with a firefighter so you know that Palate’s coffee beans will never be burnt. A perfectly delightful combination for any coffee snob to hear. Katrina is the reason you can thank you for all of the beautiful decors & merchandising of Palate Coffee Brewery. Katrina is also the drinks master who personally creates its signature powders and syrups for its specialty drinks. At Palate Coffee Brewery each owner provides a unique quality that highly benefits your interest & their mission.


Stop by Palate Coffee Brewery for a great cup of coffee & get to learn more about Love Missions. Speak to the barista & get to meet the owners as they usually are in Palate Coffee Brewery assisting in any way they can. On top of all that Tina, Carl, Katrina & Chas are owners of a beautifully crafted ice cream shop across the street called Palate bubs & ice cream. A wonderful combination of a waffle bubble & ice cream folded into a delightfully sweet dessert. Palate bubs & ice cream also has an old fashion soda bar where you can build your own soda or float. when you go into second street and park avenue you can tell that Palate has a strong love for Sanford, Florida so stop by or revisit one of Sanford, Florida’s best coffee shop. If you are a victim or know someone who you suspect is a victim of human trafficking? please! don’t delay & give the Human Trafficking hotline a call at 1 (888) 373-7888

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